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asian_claims's Journal

Claim Your Favorite Asian Things!
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Rules For Asian_Claims

a few rules you must follow .. not very strict though

1 » You must follow and read the rules first. for those who don't follow will be kicked out of asian_claims.
2 » I, Summonessyuna, will start the claiming at 3. but first and second command will get 4 because of the work of making this community bloom
3 » your claim has to deal with ASIAN things! like filipino, lao, japanese, chinese, korean, etc. it can be from anime/manga series, characters, games, music, food, clothing, names, kanji, words from languages, places, cities, and many more! just has to deal with asian stuff
4 » make the claim in the actual journal and not in an entry comment okay? and be sure to be specific with your claims. for example: yuna from final fantasy x it's a game. something similar to that. s0o we won't get confused.
5 » by winning contests prizes will be awarded to those who have won, of course
6 » NO DEROGATORY/UN-NECESSARY REMARKS!!! i find it very very childish. don't cuss either. it's very annoying
7 » look at the claims list before you actually claim to avoid confusion
8 » Please think before you claim. we don't want a lot of people taking back there claims.
now that the rules are over with .. let the claiming begin!

First Command » summonessyuna
Second Command » lulu_mcbrea

Claims List As Of August 17, 2002

here are the rules ..
1. it has to have asian_claims somewhere on it.
2. your icon has too be original
3. it's obviously supposed to be a livejournal icon .. 100x100
4. don't put down any icons. i mean it!
the rewards for the winners ..
1st place : 3 claims
2nd place : 2 claims
3rd place - 5th place : 1 claim

sister claim » asian_things